Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

Yes or No

Your Opinion

Do you like to see pictures (admittedly not the highest quality) of foreign places? 0r not really?
I will refrain, if you like.


I was away today, on another very rainy day, so here are some cheery pictures for us living in the wet.

One of the three kinds of peonies. They were so waterlogged they were drooping, so I cut quantities of them for all over the house. Now the scent wafts throughout.

At the front door

At the other side of the front door

A gloriously blooming climber

An old variety rose in the foreground, one of my ten or so rose sorts, all blooming now.

 To sunny days ahead.....


  1. Yes. I'm looking forward to seeing scenes of the Amalfi coast!

    Flowers love rain, even without sun. They look lovely. The peony is gorgeous but I'm partial.

  2. Those flowers are so pretty. I wouldn't even mind all that pink if they'd just grow at my house...
    Yes, do keep posting travel photos, especially detail shots.

  3. Thanks, Ladies, for letting me know. And yes, flowers do help the mood in constant two months of rain.

  4. Lovely flowers!! Yes, to travel photos!

  5. Yes, love seeing new places and things, especially the beautiful scenery! And thank you for sharing those gorgeous flowers!