Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

Advent 15


Today is the third Sunday in Advent, so we light the rose candle and focus this week on the joy of our Saviour's coming.

This angel is made on a wooden spoon with a stamp, colors, and irridescent paper wings.

Christmas Market

All over the German parts of Europe the Christmas markets are aglow. This past weekend we went to one in Germany, in the pretty old ( from the 1300's) city of Deidesheim, where relatives live.

In the market square with St. Urban church in the background.

The Rathaus

Medieval relics

A store window

An old courtyard

A cistern pump

And back to the market

More to come.... Blessed Sunday.


  1. Gorgeous! I love those night-time Christmas market pictures. I wish we had those kind of markets here...

    Also... I think you should wipe your camera lens with a lenspen (best) or a microfiber lens cloth.