Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

Snow for Advent

Nothing makes this season more picturesque than snow.


Our first big snow fall of the season makes all things bright and shiny and oh, so Christmasy.

                                                               Our little mountain home.




I made the wreath last weekend from greens I foraged around my farm. It's waiting for a nice bow.

Douglas fir with cones attached from the backyard for a base, cedar from the pasture tree, holly with berries attached from the front yard, and a few azalea sprigs for accent.


The beautiful advent wreath centerpiece belonging to our houseguests (our new pastor and his family).

Katie's beautiful plaque is on the piano with a coordinating gold and white arrangement-



Holiday music plays, kids with frost clinging to their pant legs are sipping hot chocolate, the tractor rumbles outside plowing driveway snow, and the light streaming in the windows has a special brightness. 


It feels like December.


  1. Oh lucky you. All I've gotten up here on the mountain so far is frost. It's still cold but not comfy to look at, and it means the snow will lie around until May once it does show up. Until when do you tend to have snow?

    1. Maria, we got another six or so inches after this too. Really beautiful. Unfortunately we often get a warm front with rain soon after the cold front and it ruins everything! Freezing rain last night has started that melting of the scenery.

  2. That's the spirit. So pretty. Inside and out. Love your greens.
    I am back from Germany this evening. Will have Christmas market pictures soon.

  3. Do you often get this much snow, or is it unusual? And so it doesn't stick around very long?