Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Advent 5

Three colouring sheets for Advent: 

Request, or challenge, for all of you: To draw a few colouring pages on Christmas themes for all of us to enjoy. You can scan them and make them available here via Dropbox, as above.

Angel and Light

This angel belong's to Hanni. It is simple and elegant and offends no doctrine.

Advent Calendar

Again this year my Swiss culture magazine has an Advent calendar on its cover.

December 1


When an angel makes an appearance it does so with light. Bright awe-inspiring light radiates everywhere. This is because angels have messages from God. He is light, and it is plainly evident that light is life. So when we think of darkness we think also of evil, fear, disorder, loneliness, and sometimes despair and death. In Isaiah 8: the prophet warned his people of the judgment coming upon them for their departure from God. That was darkness. But in Isaiah 9: 1-2  he gives hope for a light to come, when darkness will be vanquished. The first fulfilment of that was with the return of the Israelites to rebuild Jerusalem and carry on the line of the Saviour. The next fulfilment of that was in the birth of the Saviour when the "glory of the Lord shone round about" as the angels announced the Incarnation. One more fulfilment awaits us as we wait in the dark now; Jesus will return with a light shining from east to west that no one will fail to see, with trumpeting angels, to take us to the brightness of His glory forever.

Maria's Seasonal Decor

This is her Advent candle holder in her table planter.

A basket from a Christmas market awhile ago filled with backyard pretties.

When it is dark outside, it is sparkly inside.

With fresh herbs.....

Health and light to all.


  1. Pretty decorations!

    I am catching up on reading posts here after being gone for a week. I scrambled around to get out a few Advent things today (calendars and candle wreath) after returning in the wee hours last night. I am hoping to get some decorations out over the next few days. How did Advent sneak up on me this year?

  2. Well, maybe because Advent came so soon after Thanksgiving and yours coincided. Time gets compressed like that.