Montag, 12. Dezember 2016

Toilet Paper Tube Art

Toilet Paper Tube Art

Yes, of course there is art everywhere, BUT here? Yes, even here. 

My new stepmother loves to send me craft ideas for my creative children. She sent me a picture/video of snow flakes or stars (depending on how you look at it) made with toilet paper tubes. My Katrina as she usually does.... took it a couple steps further and got more creative with it. 
Here are the first snow stars (I like that name, so I'll stick with it) that she made... she added ribbon and they have become a centerpiece hung on a jewelry tree.

These are done by flattening and then cutting a toilet paper tub in strips and then using gluing the pieces together with hot glue. 

The hot glue stiffens them nicely on it's own. And then it's best to somehow paint the piece so that it's not cardboard colored

And lastly add pva glue and glitter and let dry

Actually it's possible this one was the first and the other two above followed... Yes, I think that's it!
In this one, she decided to try only adding glitter to the center.

I have been in search of some simple fall decorations. I'm not one for a whole bunch of decorations... I just can't manage that. But I've always desired some simple easily manageable decorations that would be easy to change with the season. Last year I came upon some simple golden snowflakes that can hand in my windows about 10" or so in diameter. I  just loved them!

 I then realized that I had bough some acorns that I unfortunately hung rather than in my windows, on my porch. The wind blew them and they all were broken. I was bummed because I wished I'd hung them like the snowflakes. But when I saw Katrina's snowflakes, I got the idea that she could make me some ACORNS!

WELL, she loves me and she loves art and she did just that!

this was the first one. She learned on it... she made some improvents on the second. 
 She said that each acorn took her about 2 hours to complete!

Including adding more glitter! Brown for the cap and orange for the body of he nut.


 Katrina wanted to make her Granna (my stepmother) a piece for giving her the idea... she requested a wreath:

She was quite pleased with the results!
One last thing before she took a break from these projects.

Such a beautiful cross!

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  1. Best compliments to you, Katrina, not only for the many successful projects, but also for the extra creativity in developing your own variations and elaborations.