Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Early Gifts

We just returned from our big gathering with my family in northern Washington (I assume Mom will post some photos from that when she has time).  I feel so behind now because Advent started while we were gone.  I got home and immediately got out the Advent wreath and some Advent calendars for the kids, but that is all so far.  My fall decorations are still up.  I hope to get more Christmas things out soon, but I'm still playing catch-up.  This morning we went to have some family Christmas-themed photos taken, and then I took the kids to the holiday activities at the library where they did crafts and games.  Those things are helping to get us into a festive mood.

Since we were all together (that happens very rarely, and never at holidays), we decided to do our Christmas gift exchange a little early.  Normally we draw names among the siblings and spouses, but this year we chose to try something different with a White Elephant exchange game.  

I made a couple of lettered panels for my and Nathan's contributions.  (I know, his wasn't technically from him, but he didn't have time to come up with something and I had ideas, and isn't that what a wife is for?)

Mom ended up with this one.

I got a few small bottles of metallic paints to play with.  The gold is actually sparkly!  

My sister got this one.  I used some coppery colored paint on this one, so it has a bit of a shine, too.

And this is the arty gift I ended up with, brought by one of my brothers.  Not that I have time to color, but I have done a few of the coloring pages, which are very detailed and interesting.  The book is absolutely mesmerizing.  We were all pouring over it, and I have enjoyed reading bits of it.  We also had lots of discussion about the relative merits of Van Gogh's life and work.


  1. Lucky people to get your gifts, Katie.
    On the second one, did you put on a square texture pattern?The whole work has many fine layers. And the bases - are they canvases? Or paper mounted on board?
    Really good work.

  2. Thank you. :-)
    They are 3/4 in. plywood. Pretty hefty, actually. I did not use a square texture... the only texture is the dots, done with tinted texture paste and a stencil.

  3. Thanks for the explanations. I really like these.