Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2016

Just a Sampling

Just a Sampling of the art going on here.... 

Katrina got the idea to paint leaves with nail polish... she had a lot of fun

I didn't get a picture of all her creations, but here is a card she made with painted leaves for petals.

And here is one she made by painting a wash and then doing a leaf print:

Next up a little zentangle fun from Evelyn and Katrina: 

 AND some work with lettering (can't think of the name for this):

I really LOVE this one... she should frame it for my Kitchen wall I think!

and from her goofy side:

A couple miscellaneous sketches: 

A birthday card from Katrina to Me (her mommy) She knows I love purple....

And some first faces to compare in a year....

There...some proof that we've got art going on!  There is more from others, but Katrina's the only one who regularly takes pictures (in hopes I'll share it with all of you I think) :D