Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

Various Sarah B Inspired creations...

I'm not going to fix the timeline, just going to post as it. 

I already showed you Katrina's flower wall hanging, but we dipped into a bag of goodies, combined it with some random pieces we'd been saving and I let everyone choose something to make.... even ME!!!!

Here's the work in progress.... 

 we spread it all out on the floor first and then pulled out all the extra things we might combine

These leaves are some I saved from the trash at church... I think Pam said they might have been from Christ the Master School.... and on the right, Katrina's first mold of the flower petals...

This little Lovey was overseeing the goings on and checking the texture of the puffballs

and the Gavin woke up and not to be left out, he did a paper mosaic house...

These were the paper clay items that had to dry... unfortunately... if a house with littles some of them didn't make it till the next phase... and I was torn away so I didn't get to help direct things with the next phase... (or take pictures either) 

After much painting and sanding and gluing...

The finished projects: 

I get to go first because I was the first one to finish my project on day one
(good thing or I wouldn't have gotten back to it.)

I also used a paper doilie for the body ad propped the leaves and wings with folded cardstock.OH! and I put to use the quilling that we learned when we were doing shower invites for Alyssa's wedding!   Can't believe I actually finished a craft. Heehee.

I was originally looking at the pink and black together.. (I super enlarged that butterfly you sent Sarah) but there was an excess of yellow paint out that needed to be used and I love the way this turned out. I added the gloss gel to the paint and I love the way it made the paint strokes show and added just the right amount of shine... the kids got super excited about that when they saw it, and when they went to finish their projects (as I said without my supervision) they got a little gloss gel happy.... as you will notice :)
Ethan (6) was going for the mountain with clouds around it.... and then he painted the clouds. HA!

Bridget (11) More of those leaves...  "GOD IS GOOD!"
 This one was made on a whim after she had finished her other creation.
LOTS of gloss here... I later explained to them all that the gloss isn't to be used like paint.... a little goes a long way!
And below is her cake:

I had to laugh because thinking back to a post Katie made about not wanting to cover what you've done up.... Bridget had so much effort and time and creativity into the process that most of what was so great (to me) was covered up completely. It was a good learning process for her though.
Here is one such she made into a wall hanging:

Not to be outdone, Abigail (almost 8) decided to also do a cake 

however she also did a leaf creation during the first day of creations... I"m not sure that the letters were supposed to say something... there were only a few and she just wanted to use them. 

The kids decided afterward that the letters stand for "Every Nice Mom Brings Lunch"
lots of glitter in the paint and she thought the gloss went on after the paint...sigh... so it's a little paste-y

[BRADEN!!! (9 1/2)
He just wanted to use every wooden block in the goodie bag, so I suggested he could choose one and then get some wood from outside and make them to serve his purpose...

He made a plane with a computer to operate it and cannons on the wings....... ]

I wish I could've shown you Braden's... alas, it never was completely finished. Nor was Evelyn's... SIGH.. It isn't that they won't be - but this post has been long overdue... has been written for some time just waiting for their pieces... so Onward. there is much art done since that I need to find pictures of (at least a few things to prove it's happening) and post those as well. 

 Whew! You would think one could do these things more often, and I encourage the kids to, but this really doesn't come naturally to me... so this is a big accomplishment. And also helps me to want to do it again... just so I can share with you all. 

(So I guess the blog is working after all Sarah... even if I have a hard time finding the time to post)

We need to dig into the second goodie box now...

Actually I registered Evelyn and Katrina for the Let's face it Class as a gift and the sketch books (and pens) will be used for that. I'm hoping to post a little of their progress over the next year with that as well. 

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  1. Thanks so much, Loriane, for showing us all your projects. I am happy to see you made one, too.
    Lots of creating going on.