Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

Homemade Gifts for a Girl with lots of Brothers

I have been working on a gift for my three-and-a-half year old girl.  I just finished it and I can show it here before Christmas because  know she will not see it here. 

This little doll cradle came from some friends who were moving away.  The stain on it was old and faded, so I freshened it up with a couple coats of paint and then stenciled some flowers for decoration.

I was thinking I would make a little scrap quilt or something, and in going through my scrap fabric, I found these little unfinished heart blocks I had started many, many years ago and abandoned when I made too many mistakes and restarted.  So I did some creative trimming and finished these little hearts, then sewed them into a quilt.

I hand quilted it a little (wow, talk about rusty skills...), but not very much because I was running out of time.  It really needed a little more around the edge.

Before I got the wooden cradle, I had already been to a thrift store and found this little soft doll bed with handles for carrying.  So I used another old quilt block I found in my scrap bin for a little quilt to go with it and decided to give her both.  The cradle can go by her bed, and the bassinet can be for carrying her dollies around.

It's so fun now to make gifts for my kids!  I think I get more excited than they do!