Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

Second Day and Learning

On the Second Day 

...of Christmas, I thought I would would be efficient and get the colouring pages of the Twelve Days drawn and up loaded. The drawing took awhile, but went O.K. Then my technician endeavoured to teach me how to do the Dropbox thing. Lesson learned: don't do it. Too complicated. So for now I have some pictures on the link below. Some are repeats and some are upside down and some are missing, though I thought I followed directions. I will try to put the rest up sometime, when my head feels better, but then no more Dropbox!

Click this for pictures to print:

On the Second day of Christmas my True Love gave to me two Turtle Doves.

This is the colouring sheet for it.

And now for some heavenly peace....

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