Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016

Advent 21


This is a tiny canvas with structure paste forms around a face cab, with paint and some glitter-


Yesterday the Nativity figures came out of their cabinet, and we got our Christmas tree, to have it up for the church service on Sunday.  I will show you that tomorrow, D.v.

The circle centre is empty, waiting for the Child, which will be placed on Christmas Eve. The wisemen are in the east, to arrive for Epiphany.


  1. Elisha and I brought out our nativity today too, and hung the stockings.

    Last night we watched the movie "The Nativity Story" that was a major motion picture in theaters a couple years ago (I have a tv recording of it). I was very surprised at how really good it was! Realistic, not ruined with modern heterodoxies, beautiful music and lots of scripture voice overs. It wasn't perfect (there was only one angel announcing to a shepherd, I was disappointed not to hear a host singing. They also compressed the timeline.) but I actually enjoyed it and the kids were enthralled. If you can find it there I think you would enjoy it too, Sarah.

  2. Thanks. I will look.
    Pictures? Sometime....