Dienstag, 25. April 2017

A Drawing by Naomi, and More Instagram Challenge

This is one of Naomi's drawings. She did it a few weeks ago, I think.

The prompts were all villains for this past week of the Disney Instagram doodling challenge I'm doing. I combined most of the characters onto one page, but couldn't fit all of them... Also, my black marker is drying out, so I tried to use a Sharpie for some of the black parts, and it showed up funky in my bad-lighting photos, haha...

(I didn't want to share the pieces I drew for the challenge, because some of you probably already saw them if you were following me on there; but that's pretty much all I did for art last week, and I didn't really have anything else to put here.)


  1. I like those Step Sister drawings. And those villains are cute villains. It is quite OK if you re-post here.

    Compliments to Naomi, and Thank you for sharing her work.

  2. Thanks so much! XD Yes, my little sisters are quickly getting better at drawing. It's amazing, and I'm proud of them. <3 I really don't remember being that skillful with a pencil when I was their ages, so I'm excited to see their progress as they grow!