Freitag, 28. April 2017

Watercolour 38

Winter's Return

This is what we woke up to this this morning.
 On my morning walk I saw many, many broken limbs from especially the birch trees. These were huge limbs, shattered on the ground. The trees have put out enough leaves that the very heavy wet snow stuck to all that surface and was too much for some. The Chestnut trees in the park, in full bloom now, with their large leaves and tall blossoms, suffered some breakage, too. I did not have a picture-taker with me, of course.

A few pots were left out... oops.


So it is a good day to focus on the flowers still bravely holding on.
And to paint a little....

...before going to a first aid course. I am getting eased into resuming driving, so I need to study and get this training. Here, Good Samaritan works are required by law; no may "look upon him and pass by on the other side."

1 Kommentar:

  1. Spring is so fickle.
    We have had relentless rain and gloomy skies. Depressing after our brutal winter. But today the sun shone and the orchards are blooming as well as ornamental trees and tulips. Not warm yet but the blossoms do as always.

    I'm off to Savannah Georgia in the morning. It will be fun to explore the south but I won't be able to post travel photos until I get home.

    Beautiful watercolor. I like how the life and expression is sharp in the washes.