Montag, 17. April 2017

Entering the Walls

A Place for Easter

The annual Easter Retreat was held in Rothenburg this year, and most of my family went. The drive was only remarkable for the lack of annoying traffic jams typical of the holiday weekend. Then we see some old towers ahead and the GPS says "turn here," but it is directly into a tower gate..... so what does one do? Well, in this town, one does just that: go back to medieval times through the town walls.

First view

Through there?

That's what it says.

And another gate

And another

You wouldn't want to have to fight your way past all these defences.

Arrived. Main street.

The whole town was encircled by a huge wall with forty-some towers and various fortifications.

A moat

Pretty in spring finery

An amphitheater by the wall

One of many towers

The buildings inside were just as historic and picturesque.

This was the Youth Hostel main building. It was a mill in much older days.

...because your bathroom probably does not have walls of that thickness....

In the basement: excavated millstones

What used to go around in there, turned by sixteen horses

A random pretty outbuilding. Wouldn't it make a fine studio?

This hostel was notable for the amenities provided, including Easter chocolates on the pillows, snacks and toiletries, and towels (unheard of in hostels).

Note the date here on this building, and this was a newer one.

All over were interesting architectural details and ornaments.

This is the main street leading to the Market Square.

Clean and bright

All the windows had Easter decorations.

Isn't that the most marvellous beam work?

and more will follow, in time.
Next, a night walk.