Samstag, 8. April 2017

More Places and Painting

Watercolors 30 and 31

Another floral

and  a really bad Owl

Continuation of the Emmental Countryside Hike

We thought that this little brass pot was for receiving alms from the passersby for the saint who lives in this little hut. 

Garden work

A confluence of three streams

A carved-wood billboard

Unfortunately this cheese store was out of business. Cheese making competition from outsiders with lower costs is getting intense

A neighbourhood fountain, with drinkable water

So, this is what a community notice board includes: ones duties and responsibility to practice shooting.

A bird house  for swallows

Entryway decor

Because you might not guess what these are: they are wooden plugs in a water fountain, probably originally used for laundry.

Efficiency: children's playground, chicken house and pen, and  rabbit run in one grouping

If you were on the train, on these tracks, this would be your view.

" We want the freedom of the world and streets made of sugar." Just so you know the demands of the young.

This was a garden plot on a narrow patch along a train track (no land goes to waste),  too early to plant, so the flowers take the stage.
 And then, returning to our room after those hours of walking, this greeted me, from my dear husband:

That was the morning and the afternoon. Still to come, the evening walk to the next village for dinner.

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