Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Watercolours 27 - 29

Tiny Forward Steps

In the latest watercolours I have started to find a few bits of progress, not so much in the final products of each, but in what I think I might be looking for in how I paint in watercolour. That is the progress I am looking for.  I still have long way to go, but starting to figure things out is always good.

.... and many more to go....


  1. Beautiful! I love the combination of sharp focus and blurred focus.

  2. And precisely that is what I had concluded in these latest sets of paintings: I like that, too, and need it. I have been working (via books and a DVD) with the techniques of a British watercolorist, Jean Haines, who was once a meticulous painter of Botanical illustrations, but now paints extremely loose atmospheric works. I like her work, but for myself, I need some focused areas that speak of completion and not just suggestion.