Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

Easter and Spring in Oregon

I was busy last weekend in preparation for Resurrection Day by arranging flowers and decorating our little country church.

I brought home a few branches of forsythia and quince (blossoms formed but not open. The quince flower buds look like little pink eggs) for an egg tree display. No matter what, I always manage to fail in my set up and the egg tree tips over, spills and breaks one of the pretty but fragile shells. It happened this time too and I had to glue a beautiful Hungarian egg back together.

Our Easter dinner guests included the pastor and his family and just a few members of our
 family. Sixteen dinner guests is a small number in our household.

We had ham and also lamb that I roasted with garlic and fresh rosemary from the garden. Everyone's favorite scalloped potatoes were also on the menu.

We do have spring here but it has been cool and rainy mostly. I am in dire need of warm sunshine.

I also have many primroses around the yard and gardens.

I transplanted a trillium root from my forest walk a few years ago and it blooms faithfully every spring.

My beautiful Helebores "Lenten Rose"

I planted my raised bed garden several weeks ago but there has been little growth with the cool weather. This bed has lots of chives, walking onions, herbs and some new lettuce. The far end is full of narcissus which will bloom in a few weeks.

This bed is garlic (planted last fall) with new starts of brocolli, cauliflower, kholrabi and cabbages.

Springtime on the farm means new babies too. We have six kittens that were born in the house because the temperatures in the barn were too cold. Recently the boys brought home these two adorable weaner pigs

I have not completed any quilts or art projects of any kind but I thought I'd share one by my daughter, Alyssa. She is waiting for the birth of her baby boy (very soon!) so she and her husband bought this piece of furniture and gave it a dress up for the nursery.

Some pale blue paint and a wallpaper background transformed it into a changing table for their baby.


  1. Your garden is coming along nicely, it looks like! :)

    That changing table project is AWESOME! <3

  2. Most superb changing table! Compliments, Alyssa.
    Love the progress on your garden: growing plants outside; how unique.
    Beautiful egg tree. I put rocks in and around my vases so they are stable.
    And!!!! you did an Easter banner. Lovely, and your floral arrangements (and table spread). No wonder you are always busy.