Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

Watercolors 32 - 34

One Third Through

Next watercolors are seasonal. First primroses (called Primulas here).

Then for Lent....
Those are salt effects again in the lower areas.

....and a study of tulips. This is the first that I have somewhat achieved what I have set out to do with these loose washes. It took a while to learn how to do this, and needs much more development, but a little progress is good. When it works though, it goes quite quickly, as in this piece. It was done with background washes, let almost dry, then add a few touches here and there to define edges.

(By the way, I won't be keeping these practice works, so if anyone fancies having any, say so, and I will bring it when I go to the States this summer and get it to you. First come, first served.)

Spring Flowers

Just because they are pretty.

....and seedlings.....

.... and pear branches ready to be our Easter tree.

I do hope you all will share your Easter decor and projects and goodies.

This is an idea for little Easter buns, that all the bakeries here make.

Because I will be away for the holiday weekend, and because my distance posting of Blogs is not working, I look forward to posts from you, Friday through Sunday, or more.


  1. Oh, that tulip painting has lots of washy, watery goodness!

    I should try some of those bunny buns. I will make Hot Cross Buns and Paska bread as usual. Also, the kids quite enjoyed watching me blow out our breakfast eggs this morning and we will decorate the shells for our Easter tree. I'll try to post about that whenever it happens.