Montag, 3. April 2017

Chibis, Of Course

Esther drew some more chibis in her school notebook (for shame, haha).

She said these two were brothers :)

I think life might be laughing at me right now. I'm going to refuse to be discouraged by the lack of cool stuff I can accomplish and instead focus on the little bit of creativity I CAN squeeze in, even if some of my progress may not be visible. :)

On that note, one of the things I have added to my absurdly piled plate this month is this Instagram challenge. It looked just too fun to pass up, and I'm taking a break from trying to figure out blog and online shop stuff (which has pretty much hit a dead-end for now anyway, sadly) so I can participate. I'm using my public Instagram account for this, and practicing how to use hashtags. XD

I took a screenshot of the prompts for easier off-line reference

I plan on doing all the first section's prompts as chibis (with little animals as fits), and the last section as letter art. Not sure what I want to do with the two in between, though. I am also going to cheat/rebel on a few of the prompts and substitute some other Disney movies that I have seen for those I haven't.

Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

In other news, I have signed up for CampNaNoWriMo this month, although I am getting a slow start. However, I am working on revisions for my project, and not a whole new story, so it should be a LITTLE easier to catch up...


  1. Good for Esther! I did exactly the same when I was in school and got more comments from teachers on my margin drawings than I did on my assignments, which were boring. I copied all the illustrations from the books I was reading onto my papers during class. Esther, your drawings are well done, nicely proportioned, and expressive.

    Sarah, keeping a positive attitude in the rough times, and forging ahead anyway, is the best way to move forward. Having a goals -in this case the Challenges and writing site - is a very good way to keep your motivation up. I hope wherever you post the results gives you some positive feedback.

    Very best wishes to all of you. Keep looking forward.