Montag, 24. April 2017

Continued Sights

In Rothenburg

Another fountain

In German it says, "Don't disturb." In English, "Don't break the eggs." hmmmmm

We found a pottery shop - in the family for generations, all hand thrown. We came away with some pieces. One does need a Zwiebeln (onion) pot.

A book store, made for enjoying leisurely 

How is this for a flea market hall? 

This is a restaurant lobby.

This is the decor in the restaurant.

And this

And this - a light fixture

And jolly monks who made the beer

This is the American snack table at the hostel

" A man's handbag"

And these are the local German snacks

It smelled marvellous in there.


The local sweet pastry, in all kinds of coverings

The regular bakery with sourdough breads and Easter braid bread and farmer breads and "Schneebälle"

Crafts in a store window

And, back at home, today's project -

Part of a card

And, Just because -
A cookie with Lady Godiva


  1. Are those egg garlands made with real eggs?? Or plastic? How could they be real?

  2. Most definitely real. And individually hand painted, everyone different.