Mittwoch, 19. April 2017

Night Walk

Good Friday Evening 

A night walk after a somber service is better than noisy socialising, we thought. So we went outside the city walls and down toward the river, past several of the many former mills that dot the way.

Out side the town wall

A wall tower showing a former arched door in the wall

This is a detail from the picture above

A forest path down to the river

A part of a large spa complex at the river

Another part

A colonnade for swimmers on the river shore

Not sure I would want to swim here

A fine and unusual brick work barn from the 1800's

living donkey...

... and, on this bridge,....

... a sculpted donkey

Looking up to the town

The very old Roman aqueduct style bridge

And the church for that little community. It was sacked of its treasures in the Peasants' War in Luther's time, then used for storage until the mid-1800's, then reconsecrated. We read it has a colony of bats in the rafters now, so we surmise it is not used.

Then up a winding path to the gardens where once a fortress stood. These towers are the gate that led into the fortress, and now lead into the town.

In a shop shop window

Night in the town square

Main street with a decorated fountain

And more to come.....

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