Freitag, 21. April 2017

Holy Saturday Sights

City in early morning

The City wall.....

...with a marvellous old tree, that gnomes probably lived in

the same tree from the other side

The back of the old mill, now the Youth Hostel

Looking over the wall to another part of the town situated above the river valley

Fountain with Easter decor

Various buildings proudly advertised the stays of emperors and popes within their  walls

A pretty little house

This part of the wall notes 1590 as its building date

Looking into the city garden, where the former Burg stood

These are the gates from the city into the garden, in the daytime.

This was where the night walk was, from the previous post.

The red marks all that remains of the old fortress. To the right is where the city is now. It used to be a little farm area.

The one remaining building of the Burg, a part of the former chapel.

Memorial wreaths for the war dead, remembered for the Resurrection.

The upper part of the chapel remnant

Marvellous remains of the old frescos

A preserved bust high on a wall

An angel fresco

How one gets to his chimney (a house in the garden)

A formal garden plot with statues of the four Seasons and the four Elements personified - you can figure them out -

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A fine barn in the valley

The garden wall overlooking the river valley

The streets before they are clogged with tourists

This is THE VIEW of the city used to advertise its charms.

And that was the morning walk, before Bible class and choir practice. More to come.


  1. The view of the village from above (evening walk) - what a perfect fairy tale place! Very charming.