Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Places and Paintings


I noticed, after posting yesterday, that I had not put up the previous batch of watercolorist, so some numbers were missing. Here they are, numbers 23 - 26, none of which I really like:

Long Walk

On our anniversary excursion, my Better Half and I spent a day walking the area, enjoying the countryside of the Emmental.

Many homes had Easter trees. They look especially nice on corkscrew willows.

Typical rural architecture

Most gardens and entryways have ornaments and decorations. These are rocks on wire. Further up the road we saw the home of the craftsman who made them for his neighbours.

Typical large farmhouse...

.....with a mountain backdrop

spring decorations

The local butcher shop of Herr Gygax

A very modern garden with lawn and rock beds and this trained vine for an umbrella table.

Suburbia, with silage bales in the yard

Babies are announced with great fanfare

Before this little house was a sign warning trucks of low roof. The corner was trimmed  for that reason.

An updated upstairs under the arch

Broad vistas

This was part of our official Wanderweg.

A hotel on a hillside over a river

A Swiss Freiberger

A pretty field full of daffodils

Cows coming in for midday

To sit a spell

... and more will follow later.


  1. So many stunning photos in this post! I love all the buildings, especially that one balancing way up on blocks... It looks like you are much farther into spring than we are, but that is to be expected. Today it is snowing and blowing quite fiercely on our green grass.

    I also really like the loose little birdies in the second painting.

    I have things to post about, but I haven't had a chance. Hoping to get to it tomorrow (and maybe if I say it here it will really have to happen!).

  2. Thanks, Katie. I was about to post, but I will let you instead for today.
    Sorry about the snow. Brother in Colorado says they got two feet of it.

  3. I like the one with the birds, also! :)