Samstag, 1. April 2017

Trip, 2

To Where?

Well, after a scenic drive through the Bernese countryside ....

... we arrived at a Schloss. The word can refer to anything from a fine villa to a grand palace. In this case it was the former. It was founded a few centuries ago by a knight who survived the wars with head and limbs intact, and enough war plunder, so he could get a wife and build a family home and have enough means to be some minor nobility.

The villa went through various hands and uses, one of which was a Reformed Theological Seminary, as evidenced by the book collection in the library.

Se how the walls and floors undulate? Original form.

The Schloss is set in a large park and is noted for its extensive rose gardens, which were not, of course at this time of year, in evidence. It did have garden sculptures all over though.

And many cats

After a walk was a fine dinner...

Appetizer: duck terrine with pumpkin chutney, fruits and brioche.

 ...And the evening and morning were the first fine day.

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  1. You'll have to go back during growing season, it looks like the trees and gardens would be beautiful.