Mittwoch, 26. April 2017

Wall Walk

Circling the City

Outside the wall

For defence, a walkway runs along the walls

Looking in on the city from the wall

Along the wall, part of which had to be reconstructed after bombing in WWII, were plaques from a wide variety of donors from all over the world. Most paid for "one meter of wall" reconstruction.

This says that fines from naughty young people went to the reconstruction. Might be incentive to  minor hooliganism?

Where we were recently

It says, "Beware the woman of the house; the dog is harmless."


The green are bottles

A time-traveled fellow newly introduced to cell phones

The market square and people waiting for the clock to ring six

At which time windows open and the pantomime begins: an old story says that after an attack a deal was made that the mayor drink three laters of beer straight down to save the city.....

.... he did but it killed him. That's dedication.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour! What a charming, picturesque city! Not at all surprising it was used to film a Grimm fairy tales movie. This town really seems like it is the best kept secret tourist destination in Germany.

  2. Actually, it is very well visited. I believe your son even made a special trip to go see it.
    I am glad you enjoyed the "tour."

  3. That was awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! :D