Samstag, 3. September 2016

Desserts. And more desserts.

I have my head above water, but sometimes you can only see my lips - blowing bubbles, soft and fine.




                                                Delivery last weekend- two weddings at once.




                                   Gluten free and dairy free carrot cake-   Apricot filling and glaze.


                                 Dessert buffet. (I'm doing them every weekend it seems.)


  1. GOOD LADY, how do you keep up with all that!?
    Those are some fortunate people to get those beautiful cakes (that taste better than they look, I know).
    Are the Dahlias your own? They very fine. Maria and I were just talking about how poor a year for flowers we had this year. Three months of chilly rain, then hot for a bit, but the fruit trees and bloomers were not at all happy this summer.

    May I ask how you can make a carrot cake without butter? And isn't a dessert buffet about ten times more work than making one kind of something? And don't people then eat six times the amount of dessert they otherwise would, because it all looks irresistible?

  2. The flowers are from the florist so that they are consistent in color with the bouquets and such. Even so, I have had a very abundant garden year in produce and flowers. They say it's because we had drought last year that put the plants and trees under stress so this year they are working harder to reproduce themselves.

    The carrot cake is made with oil and is very moist and delicious. It also has pineapple in it which makes it more moist. Yes, the dessert buffets are a ton of work. This one had almost twice as much dessert as necessary because that is what the bride wanted. I provided boxes for the extras that no doubt were leftover. But yes, people take small portions of more than one. It's easier to take the leftovers home than to deconstruct a big cake.

  3. OH MY, SO MUCH WONDERFULNESS! I'm super hungry for cake and stuff now. Haha. Looks fabulous; you are so good at that!