Montag, 5. September 2016

Mixed Media Page

Class Work

Today, in the final week of class, I finally got started my mixed media techniques journal. I made the title page. Well, I need to start somewhere.

Big step: get set up.

First stage: cover sheet in acrylic ultramarine, cerulean, and manganese blues. Start with brush and then extra paint applied with bubble wrap.

Scrape on a mix of white, flesh and red.

Bubble wrap application of manganese blue.

Bubble wrap application of yellow, and squares from a tray bottom in red, then circles with meadow green.

Adhere patches of papers in three greens.

Add stuff: lettering and stamped and drawn images.

I have intents to fill the pad with all the exercises - sometime. Our favourite word.....


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  2. Thanks, Katie. I really would like them to develop to those like Jackie Wright posted. Hers are marvellous, I think. I would like to copy some of hers, just for the practice.

  3. Mom accidentally deleted my comment, haha. :-)

    Yes, I like Jackie's work, and I really love Toni's. So much interesting texture and I just love the colors.