Sonntag, 4. September 2016

More Baltics 7


Next on the trip northward was Latvia. Its capital city is Riga. The country itself seemed somewhat poorer than Lithuania, though Riga is probably the biggest city of the Baltic countries and quite expensive. It is proud of its preserved turn of the century Art Nouveau architecture, interspersed with old clapboard wooden buildings and modern block work.

... and a Lamborghini 

nice old buildings

And really nice

I like this style

Some festival was just finishing.

This looked like a good place to stop to eat.

Authentic Latvian food, they said, with rye in almost everything from soup to drink to desserts....

This had rye in it, a bread pudding of sorts.

One of their old wooden buildings.

Maybe tomorrow will have some art.

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  1. That car was such a nice blue color. And the buildings were very fun to look at, and the old car, and stuff. Thanks! :)