Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

Pages of Notes

Class End

My Mixed Media class is about to close, so I did a marathon video session these last couple of days to get all the notes and sketches in my book. From them I can work on pages at my leisure (I know. What is that?) Anyway, it was informative and I have ideas I want to try.

Hear are some of the last pages:

Now to make things.


If anyone is interested, Blick art materials company has a contest going on for fashion drawings. The prizes are worth trying for and some of you would be in the running to get them if you enter.


  1. Well. You are amazing. Those notes are really good! In fact, I want copies 'cause I didn't take any... I wanted to at least go through the videos and make a list of technique ideas, but I didn't even do that. I just watched and tried things and hope to remember most of it. But then, that is a bad study habit I have always had... I just rely on my memory more than notes. But perhaps Plato would approve?

  2. Whether Plato does or not, I know I need memory prompts. I will send you my notes, if you like.
    For me the sketches are page prompts that get me going. I don't like starting with nothing in mind, like some people do. I like to have a purpose, a plan and something to say.