Donnerstag, 1. September 2016

More Baltics 5


No art accomplished this week, so let's see more travelogue.
These are a continuation of the palace tour, from the last installment.

The plaster work was well done. and very extensive. This was a ballroom, covered in these panels, of cherubs in all sorts of activities.

A study. In the back corner is a heating oven.

An inlayed table

Room after room, each was differentiated by color. Each had windows looking out on the gardens, a heating oven,  a bed or other furniture, and doors on both sides forming an open hall-like passage along the outside wall, but how one got to his own room without passing through everyone else's, I do not know.

This coloured plaster work - very fine - was done by a German company, imported for the purpose. Nothing mass produced here. Every iota was hand made and applied.

A Green Room

Note the parquet pattern - it makes you think the floor is uneven.

The view to the formal gardens.

A fuchsia room

Small art works adorned al the surfaces and walls.

A part of M'Lord's Dining room.

Set and ready to serve

And Somebody asked what all that stuff in the middle was for.

But this room made sense - where the gentlemen retired after dinner.

Most admirable draperies in this painting

Beautifully painted

What one wore once

For comfort, surely

And high style - check out the one on the right

This was some mistress of the mansion, and see, she was accomplished. She is making lace.

And look at that paintwork.

M'Lady's bedchamber, but note what everyone is interested in through the small door....

.....her toilet

I think M'Lady read a book here, or fainted.

Next up: the gardens.

I would like this chair. 


  1. So much "fancy". I can't even imagine that kind of a life.

  2. As if this isn't impressive enough, just think that half a century ago this palace, the grounds and the entire interior were utterly trashed and looted. I'm glad they went to through the trouble and expense to restore it, properly and beautifully.

  3. What an interesting place! And I'm really glad I don't have to wear those shoes. Haha.

  4. Enjoying all the travel pictures. Thanks.

  5. I am glad you like them. There will be more off and on, depending on how much art time life allows.