Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Drawings, Drawings, Drawings, and a Lumpy Hair Scrunchie


So one night I wanted to draw something with my cool drawing pencils and color it in with my awesome Prismacolor pencils. So this happened:

For some reason, I drew and erased her lower body over and over again because I just wasn't satisfied. I think it was somewhat because of a bunch of stuff going on in my head. :P But yeah. I guess this is kinda cute.

I drew this portrait of my beautiful little niece for my dear sister Anna and brother-in-law Cody for their 1st anniversary. :) I find several faults in it of course, but that is because I'm my own critic. I give myself credit though, because babies' faces are extra challenging, and this did work out all right. I've done a friend's baby's portrait a couple years ago, but this one was even more special. They liked it, and I hope they enjoy it forever!

And this is something I made for my cousin's wedding gift. Again, I used my awesome drawing pens. This was a fun piece of work. I feel like the border is pretty boring, but the whole thing looks kinda nice, I suppose.


I tried drawing some "fashion figures", nine heads tall and all that stuff. I'd always wanted to try that slightly different style, but never got around to it until Sarah Marie mentioned that contest and I decided give it a shot.

Sketched with pencil first,

Outlined in pen, then erased pencil lines,

And colored with markers and pencils.

Tried drawing some guys, too. Because I neglect guys a lot. That's probably why I'm even worse at them: lack of practice. Haha.

I made a lumpy hair scrunchie this week, too. I used the sleeve off one of my little sisters' old rag shirts instead of cutting a strip and sewing it into a tube, so it wasn't uniform in width. But I just wanted something quick, because I was tired of the boring store-bought scrunchies I had. And I didn't have anything with enough of an autumn vibe to suit me at the moment.

I used about eight inches of elastic. Pinned the safety pin on the end to help me thread it through the "tube" (a.k.a. little sleeve), which wasn't as difficult as if I'd sewn an actual tube, so I almost didn't even need the pin.

I overlapped the elastic ends by about 3/4" and sewed them together all haphazardly with lots of knots and some blanket stitches.

Then I straightened out the material as well as it could be straightened and sewed the edges together sort of mattress-stitchy to close the "tube". (I sewed the first little section to the elastic so it wouldn't slide around, but instead the overlapped elastic and the joining seam of the cloth would be buddies forever.)

Ta-da! Lumpy scrunchie.

This is like my go-to work hairdo. Sloppy bun, slap the hat on, and we're good. The scrunchie doesn't hold the hair as tightly as a regular hair elastic does, so I don't get a headache as fast that way. :)

And I tried out some chibi drawing, too.

P.S. If you would like to see what I entered in the contest, it is here. I got my sister Anna to enter, too! Here is her drawing! I think you can vote on the stuff (it says something about once every 24hrs, too!? And the voting period runs until the 25th.). :)


  1. Oh, YES. I vote for you and I hope everyone else will take time to do so too. Support our circle!
    You have the cutest ever baby portrait and "chi is" too. Great job.
    I like the fashion statement in the scrunch i.e., too.
    You have been very prolific, to the good fortune of sundry others. I agree that every house should have that Bible passage in it. Good choice.
    And, by the way, your guys are really well drawn too. Great hairstyling on all the figures, too.

  2. One small comment on the first drawing, which is overall well done. If you had put just a touch more curve of hip in, it might have been the thing you were looking for. But don't touch it now; it is good as is.
    What I do when figure drawing is to draw bone positions and unclothed bodies, then drape the fabrics over those forms to make sure the insides of the figure are right.
    That is really a cute and expressive drawing. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love all the drawings, girls! I'm happy to see you are keeping the art in your life. You are both so talented.

  4. I just love it when people are dissatisfied with generic, mass-produced stuff and take that as an incentive to MAKE THEIR OWN one-of-a-Kind whatever it is they need. Wonderful scrunchie, and no lumps show when it's in use.

  5. Thank you all! :) Leah will be appreciative also.