Freitag, 2. September 2016

More Baltics 6

Palace Gardens

The garden had hundreds of rose bushes, all labeled, from all over the world.

This is not quite equal to the view from the Belvedere, but nice enough.

Arbors leading to...

....this pretty pagoda - which turned out to be public toilets.

An outdoor theatre.....

.... with these dragons

Painting anyone?

And maybe, maybe some art will follow. Anybody else?


  1. The pagoda... hahaha!

    The gardens are amazing. Also, I think I recognize the white tubular flower in the foreground of the top photo as Nicotiana-- ornamental tobacco. I have grown it (it many pretty colors!) and at dusk it puts out the most stunningly amazing scent. The chickens dug up the plants I put in by my porch this year...

    No art from me for now, sorry...

  2. Oh, that's what that is. I knew I had seen it. And smelled it.
    And chickens... worthy critters, but they to be contained.

    Did you get out of the class what you consider a worthwhile amount? At the end of next week it all closes. Not that one can't work on ones own, if you've seen all the videos. Did you do an actual journal of techniques or individual works?

    1. I did it all in a journal, and wrote out my steps. I have more ideas and a few more pages, so I want to fill the whole book. Don't know if I'll get to it before the class ends.. I've been "waylaid" somewhat just now. Yes, it was definitely worthwhile, I'm so glad I did it. I really learned a lot and got a lot of inspiration. There have been quite a few posts from other students in the last couple of days and I have been very impressed and inspired by some of the things they came up with.

    2. And do you have any others you would care to show? Did you try any of the figures the teacher suggested? I am looking forward to doing some of those.

  3. Antworten
    1. Chickens like to use their menacing little rototiller feet on any dirt that has been freshly dug, and that means anywhere that I plant anything, ever. I usually surround everything I plant with rocks and chunks of wood until the surface hardens a bit in order to deter them from wrecking everything. I love my chickens, though, can't you tell?