Dienstag, 13. September 2016

Paper Doll Clothes and Woodsy Walk

We've made our own paper dolls for the longest time. Even after we grew out of playing with paper dolls ourselves, we older girls liked to help draw and design clothing and dolls for the younger ones. The most recent family of dolls Anna made about two years ago, and the younger girls have kept them pretty well taken care of. Naomi made a few new outfits of her own for the dolls, and I saw them a couple of days ago and was amazed at how awesome she's gotten at drawing the clothes, even remembering to draw the patterns on materials in and out of folds and wrinkles. So I thought I'd share a few of the things she made. (The doll is Anna's creation from two year ago, but Naomi made all the clothes pictured here.)

Necklaces added

Close-up of patterned skirts

Also, it was super nice today, so even though I had other stuff I wanted to do in the house, I took a little exploring walk down our driveway and through some of the little trails our brothers mow around the property. I took my camera (phone) along, because I thought I would do a little bit of a look-at-the-plants-in-my-area type of thing on this post, as I haven't done any of that yet. If it's weird, and you don't like it, please let me know. :)

I found a fairy house! Not as cool as the one we saw in OR, but it was a delightful discovery anyway. :)
Late summer wildflowers and dying ferns

Don't know what these tiny star plants are called...Maybe some kind of moss?
Different kinds of yucky mushrooms around. But this picture made me think of elves and fairies, so it passes.
Part of the trail...

Blackberry bush. Didn't have many this year, but there were more than the raspberries.

I like this view of the trees over the trampoline.

We found a little friend there today.

AND, here's an update on my digital drawing:


  1. I like posts containing landscape photographs and details from nature! I should submit some of my own, but I'm a terrible photographer. Do share more of yours!

    1. Share them anyway. There is only one way to improve, you know that! :-)

  2. I too love to see where people live their
    Ives, both the long views and the close ups of critters and vegetation. More is quite welcome.

    Your sisters do beautiful drawings. The forms and styling are really good. This is an excellent way to practice figure drawing.

    And thanks for the update on your digital work. I still don't know much about it, but it is interesting to see what can be done.

  3. Maria, you should post some of your travel photos at least. And if you take some detail shots or mountain views, you can't really NOT get good photos in your area.

  4. Thanks, Sarah, for showing us your home trails! Love it.

    I especially enjoyed the paper dolls. My cousins drew beautiful paper dolls when I was a child and I always admired them and their artistic abilities. Thank you (your sisters) for making sure paper dolls don't become extinct! It's such a great craft for sisters. (How old is Naomi? She definitely has the artist gene.)

  5. I love the paper dolls! I am super impressed by how beautiful they are AND the fact that they've kept them in good shape so long. Making paper dolls is something I never really did or even thought of... I guess I didn't have enough sisters.

  6. My sisters and.i had some when we were very young, but I don't remember if we made much of our own. We cut them out of something, as I recall. Oh, yes, now I remember making Little Red Ridinghood myself.