Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

Do, Disaster, and Salvage


Yesterday I started my final class project, the one that is for my specially-extended class-of-one. It is for a polymer clay and felted doll on an articulated armature. To begin, I made and baked the back of the head, so I would have a stable surface for working the face. I baked that, with the feet that I had modelled a while ago.
This is the start.

The feet are supposed to fit in the class kit boots, so I had to squish them in the format.

After baking, try feet in boots: with some persuasion, they fit.

And likewise on the armature. So far so O.K.

Then I began the face - instead of doing the house cleaning on today's agenda. Around chores and duties, it came together mostly all right. So this evening I decided to call it enough and put it in to bake. And check, and bake, while doing lots of evening duties. And check and bake. And check and bake. OH, NO! Too much.
How it starts.

How it looked before baking. This was after major amounts of modelling and re-modelling, taking out an eye to reposition, taking off the nose to move it over a tad, adding more head clay, putting on the neck, and much more.

What a disappointment.


I have no time to model another, so time to get creative. I pulled out my acrylics and went to to work.

This will get more color details, but at least the dark is gone.

It will have to do for this one. This is just another practice piece, so it doesn't really matter, and I call it a lesson learned.
I still have to do the hands. Then it needs to be felted and finished. Later.
Tomorrow I really have to do the cleaning and numerous other things. So the final results will come later.


Today is the first day of autumn, a notable day.

Rose hips forming

Foggy mornings

Apples ripening

Leaves turning colors and fruits setting

Happy Fall to you and yours.


  1. It would have made a very cute Negro dolly.

  2. That is just too cute Cant wait to see the finished doll.

  3. I actually did think of that, but trying to get the hands and feet to match would have been too tricky.
    I hope the finished piece will be O.K.