Samstag, 17. September 2016

Hurry, Hurry

Before the Party

We went to brother-in-law's birthday party this afternoon. Before that, we happened to notice that our Concord grapes were quite ripe and wouldn't wait until Monday, if we wanted to get more than the birds did. SO, I put up 14+ pints of jam, from very lovely grapes.

First batch

Large grapes, and exquisite taste.

We were a tad late for the dinner, but no matter.

This is called recycling a previous idea. It helps when one is in a hurry and making jam. This was yesterday's project for today's party. It had to do with a Mustang car.

Blackberry in champagne.

Blessings on your Sunday tomorrow.


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  2. Recycling project inspiration is a good idea. And those grapes looked tasty.