Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

Two Projects

First One

I made a baby gift for a young family here. It is on a wooden plaque, with mixed media background and polymer clay relief figures.

These are the baked polymer figures. The baby's face is delicately coloured with rubbed on pastel and coloured pencil. Then the rest is painted in acrylic.

painting, stamping, collage, stencil, card marks (the yellow)


That was the fun project.

Second One

The next was making jam, while making supper, interspersed with chores a couple of times, followed, of course, with dishes. But I do like having those pretty jars of edibles after it is all done.

Maria, these steps are for you, for when you make your wild berry preserves.

Cook to juicy, then mash.

I cooked and added apples and plums.

This is the typical system here for obtaining the juice. My gents are looking for one of the old cone colanders with wooden pestle that we used when I was growing up and making jars and jars of apple sauce.

Mix the juice with the fruit, and sugar and pectin. This is where the system broke down - I thought I had gelling sugar, but it turns out I didn't. Pam, a packet of what you gave me saved the day.

Put very hot fruit in very hot jars and clean and close. Repeat and repeat.

Now sleep maybe?

I had some beautiful roses come in the house this week:


  1. Thanks for the pictures, Mom. Now I know how my stuff is supposed to look... I hope the first frost is still a little way off, though.

  2. Yes, I also. But this coming week is autumn equinox. Our pumpkins need a bit more time.