Donnerstag, 29. September 2016

In the Works

Whimsy Project  

This doll project is almost done, but it is drying now, until midday tomorrow, so then I can do the last bits and take pictures of the finished piece.

For now, here are some of the steps of In Progress:

The armature gets wool felted over it.

The bare head gets eye shading, eyebrows, and the beginnings of hair, in wool, yarn, and silk roving.

A length of silk fabric gets tea dyed, ironed, hemmed, and....

... stamped with autumn motifs, a border attached, and the top gathered.....

.... and put on the doll body.

Bits of this and that are sewn or set out for possible accessories.

A silk snippet makes a vest, and a braid cord a belt. In the upper right is a silk rose I made in the same burgundy red.

Then I put the head on, which is drying now. I still need to decorate the boots and style the hair and add accessories, but should finish that tomorrow, I hope.


  1. Wow! What a project. So many hand made details. A very special doll indeed.

  2. I hope you're not putting dreadlocks on it...

  3. I don't think so...
    And I noticed I confused left with right, regarding the rose. The word is corrected now above.

    I was away all day today (Friday), so didn't finish the doll.

  4. Does any one else have a post for today? I had home duties in morning, craft show in afternoon in the city, then Concert this evening - Bach: Gloria in Excelsis, Violin piece, and Magnificat, with a choir, strings, three old trumpets, early recorders and wooden flutes and oboes, organ, and the director played the kettle drums while directing. It was grand. In St. Peter's church, the one with the huge clock.

    1. I have piles of material, photos, etc. but absolutely no time....sorry. Just a couple more days!

  5. Ooh...that concert sounds lovely. I will have to be content with my classical CDs.