Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

Autumn Rose

Finished Project!

It is good to be done with my last class project. I really enjoyed making it, but it was quite an intense summer of many classes. Now I really must get ready for new guests arriving shortly. Then I want to start other things.... I have ideas.

Here is my Autumn Rose.

This is version one, in bare feet

a still life

The boots - I got them plain and was told to decorate them, so I did.

Autumn Rose, finally finished

The namesake silk rose -

See the turtle?

The little charm (from the my teacher) says, "Never never give up." This was my motto for the class.
And now on to other things.


  1. Those boots! I would like a pair in my size, please.
    I like this doll's dusty, muted color scheme. And the turtle is very cute. Glad her dreadlocks got brushed out.

  2. Thanks. I am glad you like it.
    Actually what looked like dreadlocks are still there. It is heavy yarn for fullness and interesting hair texture, but you don't really see it much, especially in this angle.

    I am glad you like the boots. I want some for me, too.

  3. Impressive! I like the color scheme, to.

  4. Fantastic job! Really great. I am wondering though about when you sculpted the face- were you going for a particular expression? Or just making the features and she ended up with her own unique expression? When you sculpt the next doll head will you try for a direct look or different expression? I understand you are just "practicing" (yeah, sure) so maybe aren't thinking about that yet?

  5. Thanks, Ladies.
    No, Pam, I wasn't going for a particular expression this time. I really was practicing applying clay in a certain order as the teacher directed to get some sort of face. Next time I will modify the teacher's technique to get something more to my liking - I hope. It does take a lot of practice to get the human form right, and then even more to get what one wants in expression.

  6. Ooh!!! So awesome! Did you draw on the boots, or was it some other way of decorating?

  7. She's cute. Don't know how you find the time to do any of this with all the "guests" you get!!!!!! But company is
    good. Hope you can enjoy them, but do take care of YOU because everyone else suffers if "mom" isn't well!!!! LUV

  8. Sarah, I used art markers on the boots to draw the floral designs.