Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

Autumn Punches

Sunday Shapes

Today our guest left for distant parts, but before she went, I helped her collect materials for making seasonal decorations for autumn and later for Christmas. Tropical places lack something in ambience for those seasons. So she punched out quantities of leaves and snowflakes and such. I hope we will see the results of what she makes one of these days.

Before putting the punches and things away, I sat down - wouldn't you know - and punched out a few shapes too and put together a little something - just because.....

With assorted papers, pens, and odds and ends....

.....punch out leaf shapes (or use real leaves), then edge them with color....

....arrange, write, stamp until the page is full.....hmmm... I see it lacks something....

If stuff is not put away, probably repeat tomorrow.

Blessed Sunday, and enjoy your Raclette, if you have the cool weather for it, which we did.

There won't be cool weather or good cheese in the Philippines, so today was the time to indulge.

... with pumpkin cheesecake and Swiss chocolates for dessert. Right. No one needs to eat for a week now.

And your Sunday?


  1. I love the owl thing with the cutouts and stuff! Is it a scrapbook thing or a mixed media artwork, or a greeting card?

    Pumpkin cheesecake? Can't imagine how that tastes! :)

  2. Mmmmm... Raclette... Today after church I needed an easy but yummy lunch. I was going to make a platter to tomato sandwiches, but then thought "why not let everyone make their own" which turned into "Swiss cold supper" with lots of options for topping the fresh sourdough I baked before we left for church (but minus the artisan meats and cheeses). The kids all loved it and raved about it. I think we will make it a habit, but maybe we'll move it to Friday or Saturday nights...

    (BTW-- I have some flower pics I can post tomorrow if I get some time free from house-painting).

  3. Katie, that Swiss supper menu is a good standby for need-a-meal-now days.
    Thanks for doing a post today, too. I started a piece but need to find a paper to finish it.

  4. Sarah, The owl piece was just a piece, with no purpose yet. I may use it for something later.
    Pumpkin cheese cake is just cheese cake with spiced cooked pumpkin mixed in one layer. It was approved in my household.