Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Finally Finished and Miscellaneous

FINALLY finished the drawing I sketched out more than a month ago... Decided to do the shady stuff with a ball point pen instead of taking color pencils to it, as I wanted to try to grab the tail end of the Inktober thing, haha. I LOVE HOW EVERYONE'S HAIR ACTUALLY TURNED OUT. (Sorry for shouting lol Late night spontaneousness...)

OH, THAT REMINDS ME, there's another contest on Blick's site that's a black-and-white-and-gray theme this time, and some of us were thinking of possibly joining...?

And we did purchase some of the Craftsy online art classes that were on sale! We have about five lined up and will see about taking a day off work each week solely for art purposes. We'll keep you posted, of course. :)

Here's a peek at one of my crochet projects... Not sure if any of my family ever looks at the blog, so I am trying to not spoil Christmas surprises.

And here's a Reformation Day doodle, pen and color pencil...

The weather is getting colder here, and a lot of the leaves have fallen. Soon I will not be able to take my short bicycle rides...


  1. Great job on the illustration, Sarah. It belongs in a book.
    I would really love to see you do a One Accord cover (this drawing for some reason reminds me of some from times past). Christmas or Advent theme completed in next two weeks? (ha!) or Epiphany theme completed in next month?? (Hint!hint!)

  2. What a good idea, Pam. Artists at the ready.....
    Good work here; quite a happy picture.
    And somebody is going to have a pretty Christmas gift.
    I am very glad to hear that you will be starting some Craftsy classes. I am looking forward to seeing your pieces.
    Do enter contests! I used to do that a lot and it inspires one to get things done. I did eventually win some prizes, and you will too, as you keep at it. The prizes are not vital, but they are motivating, especially as you are starting.