Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016

Not Telling

Finished, but...

Today I finished a big project, of a couple of week's work, but I can't show you yet. A certain time necessity required they be done now. You will see for Advent.

Ready to go

But this morning I did try a very new medium for me - Finger Knitting. I recently got a small book on the method and today I saw something I liked, that would be super simple and practical to make, so I took a few minutes and tried it with a shoe string. It works. Now to practice a bit more and make something.

This looks something like the fire salamanders we have around here. (See Thom's Blog)

And just because they are gorgeous:

From My Dear

Now on to other things, like pumpkins.


  1. My little sisters like to weave on their fingers with yarn to make skinny scarves and rope-like belts sometimes. Are fire salamanders poisonous? And where is Thom's blog? Also, that is indeed a lovely bouquet!

  2. You can find Thom's blog at Kid with a camera at "cameracoolio.blogspot" - year four.

  3. Fire salamanders are poisonous to somethings, but not too dangerous to humans. Some people keep them as pets, with careful handling. They give off a toxin in their skin spots. We have lots of them around here, which is good, because they eat slugs and insects. They are protected in Europe.