Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Handcrafts Market

In Appenzell

This weekend a Swiss handworks market was held in a now-unused monastery in the small picturesque city of Appenzell. We and our newly arrived guests went to see what people are making these days. Some products were traditional crafts with contemporary updates, like hats or embroidered linens. Others were still-used traditional crafts like the production of salves and liqueurs and ropes.

A typical Appenzell style farm house and barn combination

A typical Appenzell town house. The shutters are pulled up from the painted areas below the windows.

And a couple of Zimmermänner (carpenters) were at the entrance showing their skills in making a square beam out of a round log.
This is the Zimmerman's traditional outfit, of black corduroy with silver buttons and black wide brim felt hat. This fellow is explaining his hand tools that they use for hand-hewn beams.

Two men chopped in precise rhythm to make each notch, each doing a down swing into the wood as the other was doing his upswing.

Then the wood between each notch was chopped square. They did this on all four sides.

Inside the cloister the stands were set up in the narrow halls and small rooms of the beautiful old building.

This was the rope maker. His work shop where he makes these is a 300 foot long shed for twisting long lengths.

This was a shop with spacial salve for aching muscles, that our motorcyclists like to use on long trips.

After finding some fun and tasty stuff there, we walked through the pretty town.

The residents take great care to keep up the beautiful buildings.

A bakery

A shop sign

A traditional pipe, smoked upside down.


Main street

The Appenzell bear flag

Hand-carved wooden set of figures depicting the twice-annual trek up or down the mountain with flocks. 

Antiques or modern?

Flowers are still out - no freeze yet.

We happened to be in the right spot as this fellow in traditional dress asked some locals to stop to do one their spontaneous yodel sings. The men with the ceramic bowls put a coin in them and swirled them around for a percussion effect, while the men and women took a pitch and just sang harmonies together- They somehow know how to blend together. Marvellous. 

The toy shop

This little fellow was blowing bubbles in the wind.

An old historic house

A shop of metal ornament works.

Then we went up the mountain to Maria's fine little chalet for dinner and church.
Still fall here

These were out her back window.

This was her mountain as we left.

Blessed Sunday to all.


  1. This was a nice visit. But I sure would love to see some faces too....

  2. Oops! Sorry for the double post. Apparently we were both working on posts at the very same instant... :-/ Gotta run now, but I will come back and read this.