Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Three Goodies

We've got all kinds of goodies today! *Rubs hands together with insane childish chuckle*


Since it's the month of Inktober, I decided I should do some random drawing with cool pens! It's very relaxing to draw random things!


(She didn't write anything for me to put with her drawing, but I'll just explain my own way. Haha. We have pretty much all doodled since we could hold a crayon [oftentimes whilst we were supposed to be doing homework, lol], and Anna is one of the DOODLE QUEENS! I love how she can get such cute cartoony versions of animals and such! I'm so glad she agreed to let me share these here.)

(Here are a few detail shots. I just love the desert fox she drew!)

(And that gopher thing...lol)


I'm super excited that this worked out so much better than I thought it would, especially the astroids! This is a drawing inspired from a story idea that's been plaguing me this month, but it was really fun to do. I accidentally stayed up until one in the morning while coloring in a section of outer space. XD

I sketched the rough idea with a regular pencil, then used color pencils to do most of the preliminary coloring before deciding I needed the blackness of a marker to get the depths of space to my satisfaction. I used a bit of marker for some color in a few random stars/planets in the distance, too.

Here's a picture of when it was about a third done... After I had most of the stars and stuff in, I realized I needed more contrast in the shadows and stuff on the girl and added them in. It worked okay, I think.

And here are a couple of detail shots.

I dried out my black marker most of the way and had to borrow Bethany's to finish the last little section by Earth. So nice of her to lend it to me.

Hope you all have a stellar week!


  1. Cool stuff! I love how you added the extra dark because it really does give so much depth to the outer space. That is the kind of stuff that amazes me that you think of because I never would have. Where does that come from?

  2. Highest compliments to all of you. I am so glad to see you filling pages. And so well! Keep encouraging Anna, too. She is as talented as her older sisters.
    Really good work on your constellations, Sarah. I love the touches of color in the dense blackness.

  3. That asteroid field in the upper left corner is probably my favorite section. That's a really cool picture - the space area is wonderful. I love art that holds tiny deliberate details for the viewer to find.

  4. Thank you all so much! :)

    @Clayvessel, my mind is a scary place full of odd ideas that are multiplying at an alarming rate. lol