Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Confirmation on Reformation Sunday

It's was a busy week as we prepared for the day we have anticipated all year, the confirmation of our two youngest boys as well as two of our creative girls from this blog, into the Orthodox Lutheran Church. Their journey through catechism studies was unexpectedly extended and in the end they had four different instructors. Finally on October 30 during the celebration of the Feast of the Reformation they were confirmed and we all celebrated with many family and friends in attendance.

Preparations for this day included some projects that I will share here.

The colours of the day were red for the Reformation and wait for the confirmation. I made flower arrangements for the altar at church-


I didn't want the gifts to have a Christmas feel to them with the colours so I printed variations of Luther's Seal for the gift embellishments.


The gifts had no names on them. Each confirmand had to identify their gift by their confirmation verse.





This was a gift for the pastor-


One more Luther Seal went on the celebration cake-

               (The yellow fondant bled color onto the icing and blurred the edge of the design)

Our new granddaughter was also baptized on this day so I made a celebration cake for her also-





It was a lovely, memorable day!


  1. Beautiful, Pam. The Luther seal idea with Bible verse was a good one.
    And that Baptism cake is so lovely. What was the lamb?
    Congratulations to all the celebrants and their families. What a remarkable day!
    And thank you for letting us meet the two young ladies.

  2. Oh how lovely! Many congratulations to you and yours! What a wonderful day for you all!

  3. Those seals are lovely! Were those pictures you found online and printed out, or did you draw them yourself and have them made as stickers?

  4. Yes, I printed images from an online gallery, cut and pasted onto the craft wrapping paper.