Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

Baltics 12

Following is a continuation of the rural island tour of an historic farm.

This is a "summer house." They had different ones for different seasons on the same property.

Inside the summer house

Another view. The hollowed log was for laundry.

A water mover in the garden

Hops on the well pumper

Each household wove its own cloth.

Milady's sewing centre.

The room of one of their distinguished poets, who lived and wrote here.

Fully computerised with 120 stitches, surely.

Bread paddle for putting bread in big ovens.

The attached barn/shop

Various wooden containers for different uses

A work bench

This is the Christmas goat. Mixed media, definitely.

.... ummmm.....

The other end of the barn/shop with vehicles and tools - carriage and sleigh

And boat. All set for everything.

All this area had peculiar three-offset-pronged pitchforks

That was Part Two. More to follow.

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