Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Baltics 11

A Rural Island

Off the coast of Estonia is an historic island, in which the few inhabitants carefully preserve their lands and culture, and visitors like us come to see them.

One takes the ferry across.

Ferryboat in distance

"We live here, so stay on the paths, be quiet, and remember that this is a living place."

This is a sleigh in the rafters of an old barn turned handcrafts shop.

 A special craft of the area using small rounds of branches to make mosaic forms.

A local lady (more on which in a subsequent post) does marvellous embroidery work. This island also has its own knitting patterns for woollens.

They lived by fishing primarily and farming secondarily.

This place is for sale so we took a look around inside - not to buy, to see the old farm.

All the doors were extremely low for people and animals. Maybe it was to keep the winter out....?

Other people were looking too.



Every farm had its own blacksmith shop.

Those racks were for drying fish.

Guess... I don't know either...

The fishing gear

A mix for fishing and farming: bobbers above and plow below, cow hides in back.

Each farm had a strip of land stretching back to the sea, for hay and pasture and boat docking.

Thatched roof

The butler at the house door.

That was Part One of this island.


  1. The unknown machine looks similar to one that was on our family farm in Michigan so Ted thinks it's a fanning machine to clean grain and seed.