Montag, 10. Oktober 2016

Baltics 9

Moving North

In the last installment we left Riga. From there we headed northward to a picturesque little town with a castle. First we went to the old church, and some of us climbed the many, many wooden steps up floor after floor to the top of the tower, (one of us did not go all the way up), for a view across the town to the castle. Guess what: I did not take the photos showing these views. I did take the on-the-ground- ones.

To the church

Tall old tower

Inside the church

The chancel

View toward the castle 

View over the town

It is an old town.

This keeps you from falling out of the tower, I guess, to keep those chimneys unstuffed with tourists.

Onward to the castle

Detail of a house

Entrance to the castle

Plan of the castle

"This is the only surviving medieval altar table in Latvia."

A cross incised in the altar top

The old altar table

The castle is basically a ruin. When invaders besieged the castle, eventually the inhabitants capitulated and invited  the conquerors in  -  and blew them all up, themselves and castle, too.

Visitors get a candle lantern from the young folks in historical dress.

The lantern lady

Heading into the castle

Across the moat

Looking back, at dusk

Looking ahead

What was what once

Bronze model

A jeweller/archeologist had a shop in one segment of the castle. He re-creates very ancient body adornments, in the patterns of things he has found.

Ladies, behold how one does ones hair.

And what one wears for dress attire

Here is a start for one young lady.

Then it was time to find dinner.

And drive on more north, along the BALTIC SEA, seen here.

Next: Estonia.


  1. Ah, that jewelry must be what St. Paul was warning about.

    Cool castle!

  2. Either that or they were taking seriously admonitions to be ready to flee to the mountains.

  3. Whose were the rings? And what was the supper - looked tasty. A pastry? Always enjoy your travel photos!

  4. SUPER! You got a comment up.
    The rings were Maria's. The supper was some kind of filled pastry with cheese rounds on salad with dried meat.

  5. AH! That was so much fun to look through, thank you! :)