Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

Beautiful Tables, Beautiful Wedding Celebrations

Hello all. I am finally done with the frenzied days of baking and delivering wedding cakes and pies. Whew! So glad to be slowing down finally. I saw some gorgeous wedding settings this year. Whenever I had a chance I would take photos of the table settings because I wanted to be able to take a closer look later on (when I deliver desserts it is usually just before guests arrive so I have to slip out quickly) and I wanted to share them with you.


This was at one of the two very large weddings I had (on the same day) a couple weeks ago. The venue was large with spectacular views of the Columbia Gorge out the wall of windows. The daylight made it difficult to photograph. The couple was quite young and the bride was Hispanic. The Mexicans go all out on their parties as you can see from the tall flower arrangements and the Mariachi band getting ready to entertain.


They had a dessert buffet of cakes, pies, cupcakes and cheesecakes. (Sorry about the terrible white balance). 


The same day I delivered a large amount of cake to a beautiful private property on the top of a mountain. There were tents set up for the reception with heaters inside since the ceremony took place just before sunset and it gets quite chilly in the evening now. The bride was the daughter of the owners of a large company who also own a lot of property in the valley so they also went all out for their wedding. The flowers were lush and abundant, and everything glowed with twinkle lights.

                                This was the head table for the bridal party in the tent.

                                                       Those garlands of flowers!

This was the presentation of the cakes- on the dance floor so that all the guests (at tables arranged in a curve around the dance floor) would be able to see the cake cutting ceremony.



                                                  Everything sparkled and glowed.

The next weekend-

                                                  Another tablescape with lush abundance-

                                                             And many thoughtful details. 

                                                      Don't you love the vintage postcard?

This was the wedding cake I brought. I really enjoyed working with these flowers and the unusual accents. You can't see them well in this photo but the foliage was deep red and there was a golden and pink colored status that added contrasting texture to the garden roses.

This outdoor wedding last Saturday had autumnal colors of deep jewel tones using copper as the accent.

(Except for the very first photo above with the tall white centerpieces, all the flowers at these weddings were done by the same talented local florist)

This wedding also had a desert buffet that included pies, cobbler and cupcakes. This was the cake with a deliberately thin layer of icing so the cake shows through (an unfortunate wedding trend I would like to see fade away.)


                                               Also last Saturday another sparkling setting.


              And....another dessert buffet-


     With a cake for a cutting ceremony-


As I was leaving I saw this extremely clever set up for a fun photo booth! Those girls were having a grand time in there with the different props and costumes available.


I will finish this post off with one last cake. This one was also delivered last Saturday (didn't I say things were frenzied around here for a while?) I was dreading this cake all summer long because the technique using fondant was way outside my comfort zone. I used a mold for the lace, something I had never done before. The delivery had to be carefully thought out (it was a long, winding mountain drive) and I had to figure out how to make the little pedestals for the tiers (styrofoam, ribbon and hot glue). I absolutely loved the wonderful flowers- the rich colors, the different textures (I love having variety!) and they were in perfect condition (not all flowers I receive are). The arrangement of the flowers is always my favorite part and this one really made me happy and finally satisfied with this cake. Glad it is finished! The bride was also very pleased.



  1. Those cakes are absolutely beautiful. But I'd have trouble cutting into one - they look scrumptious too!

  2. Your work takes you to some very creative settings, Pam. Good sites for your always beautiful creations.
    I am going to recommend these photos to a young lady. Nice ideas.

  3. AHHHH! Everything is so pretty! And the deserts look SO tasty and beautiful! XD