Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Fall Colors, Outdoor Drawing, and Paper Folding

Instead of balancing my checkbook and organizing some things this past Saturday, I played truant and took a walk down our driveway and trails with two of my younger sisters. We enjoyed looking at all the different fall colors.

Then I took my sister Esther to draw the horses a few blocks from where we live. The horses left pretty much as soon as we sat down, but we drew the fences and trees anyway and waited to see if they'd come back out. But they didn't.

Two horses

Esther's sketching

My doodlage

Later I fetched up one of my saved Pinterest projects. I decided to give origami a shot, and I liked these pretty flowers. They were a lot simpler to make than I thought they'd be! Esther joined me. We recycled the paper from the September Flavor of the Day calendars from my work. Haha.

We glued the petals together and held them in place with paper clips until they could dry.

Esther made a flower with six petals and swirled an extra piece of paper in the middle.

(Here's a picture from Sunday afternoon, when I removed my paper clips. Not bad for a first try, I suppose.)

Then we attempted origami butterflies. I think we succeeded fairly well.

I ended up making some more after the younger kids went to bed, and have like fifteen to twenty in a bag. Haha. I might make a butterfly chandelier or some wall art or something out of them some other day. Lots of cool ideas on Pinterest.


  1. Cool! I love paper crafts, especially as a group activity just for fun.

  2. Nice post, Sarah. I'm glad you are working with Esther and encouraging her art. The flowers are great!

  3. Yesterday my computer would not let me see these pictures or post a comment, so I have just seen them now. I am impressed.
    I also like paper works, and those flowers and butterflies are good ideas.
    I agree with Pam that it is very good to encourage your talented sister. She has an "eye" for form.
    And I am very, very pleased to see you "drawing from life" in your doodlage - do more! every day!

  4. And... you live in a lovely area, which your photos captured. Good work.

  5. Your range of crafty interests is impressive. I love those origami flowers. I love the idea of a chandelier made out of origami flowers and butterflies. I hope you make it!