Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

Paper Cut

First Idea

After a conversation with Sarah W. about ideas for paper cuts, I got out my materials and did one the other day. It is based on someone else's idea that I had in my sketchbook.

Sketchbook pages of paper cut designs
All the little cuttings

Tools used, and design in reverse, on grey paper

The original concept was to be around a light.
Cute, but not right. (The light is LED, so it is safe.)

That obviously didn't work. The design - of the tree - is too lacy and cannot support itself. I thought of adding a tissue paper sheet behind the tree for support and to let light through, but that didn't look good either.

So I decided to keep it flat and to try a couple of background options, coloured and traditional.

This is with a pastel coloured background, but the figures, being grey, and not black, are not sharp enough.

So, white it is.

Now I need to try more suitable designs. More to come, I hope.

Autumn Begonias

Concert Hall

This is where we were last night for a concert of works by Tchaikovsky - violin concerto - and Mahler's first symphony. When one of ones children has a gift certificate, it should be used, right?

Tonhalle in Zürich
Have a good day, All.


  1. That paper cut is adorable. Do you have the LED column candles there? You know, the big fat candles? The paper cut could wrap around one and would look lovely.

    You draw the outlines of them first, right? Thirty years ago (in Disneyworld) there was a Scherenschnitte artist doing portraits of people free hand. (Ted and I had one done. We were newlyweds) The artist's talent blew my mind.

  2. Thanks, Pam. Yes, we do have the pillar/column candles here. That is an idea.
    Yes, I do draw first. I have heard of artists that cut free hand with tiny scissors. it is impressive. I actually have a how-to book from someone who does it. But I don't.

  3. I rather liked the papercut on a colored background. But white is traditional and contrasts better.

  4. Could also put the papercut on a glass cylinder with a candle in it... but you'd have to find one the right size. It is cute, though! I also like the colored background, but yes, not enough contrast...

  5. I appreciate those comments. It means if I did a softer toned background it would make higher contrast and I could use color on the back. Some people do.
    I think the glass cylinder is a feasible idea too. I am looking forward to trying more. Guest arrived today from States, and I made grape jelly, and planted fall flowers and, and, and,... anyone with a post?